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Bullying Policy

Elizabethtown United does not tolerate bullying in any form.  Elizabethtown United has come up with the following policy on bullying. 

Step 1:  Anyone being bullied or observing bullying occurring should report bullying to head coach immediately.  The Head coach is obligated to discuss bullying with the child/children doing the bullying.  The Head Coach stresses that bullying is not tolerated at Elizabethtown United and that if it continues, that individual or individuals may be removed from the team.  The parents of the child who is doing the bullying should also be notified of the bullying and Elizabethtown United policy on bullying.

Step 2:  If coach does not adequately address bullying or bullying continues, the Coordinator/President/Vice President should be notified of the bullying occurring.  Coordinator/President/Vice President will then determine if bully/ bullies are removed from team.  If bullying child is removed from team, all registration costs are forfeited.

What Is Bullying?
Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself. Bullying can take many forms such as hitting, verbal harassment, spreading false rumors, not letting someone be a part of the group, and sending nasty messages on a cell phone or over the internet. Bullying involves a real or perceived imbalance of power between the bully and the victim. Bullies recognize and use their physical, social, or emotional power over others. Bullying happens in many places not just schools. Bullying also occurs in families and neighborhoods.

How Do I Know If My Child Is Being Bullied?
There are some warning signs that you can look for if you think your child is being bullied. Be concerned if your child:

  • seems afraid of going to practice or games
  • seems afraid or expresses resistance to participating in clubs or activities with peers
  • has lost interest in soccer
  • talks frequently about headaches, stomachaches or other physical problems
  • has trouble sleeping or has loss of appetite
  • appears anxious and/or suffers from low self-esteem

If your child shows any of these signs, it does not necessarily mean that he or she is being bullied, but it’s worth checking out.

What Can I Do If I Think My Child Is Being Bullied?

  • Share your concerns with your coach.
  • Talk with your child

What Else Can I Do If My Child Is Being Bullied?

  • Focus on your child.
  • Talk to your child's coach.
  • Teach your child safety strategies such as how to seek help from an adult.

What are some examples of bullying?

  • Threatening words, looks, or gestures
  • Physical harm and intimidation
  • Intentionally leaving people out
  • Spreading rumors
  • Demanding money, property, or service
  • Repeated harassment
  • Not accepting differences (race, religion, disability, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation)

How is teasing different from bullying?

  • Teasing is enjoyable for both people
  • Each person feels good about him/herself
  • Roles of Teaser and Teased can be switched
  • Ends when the person being teased says STOP

Bullying Hotline

Code of Conduct

Rheems Athletic Association is making a conscientious effort to improve the standard of behavior both on and off the field. We want to create a positive atmosphere and provide a constant example of sportsmanship at all times to bring out the best in our young players. Please play your part by agreeing to abide by the guidelines below.

Parents agree to support the kids in honoring the player code of conduct.
Parents must refrain from verbal abuse of players, coaches, referees, opponents and spectators.
Parents will discuss constructive concerns regarding coach, players or association policy with the coach first, then age group coordinator and finally soccer commissioner.
Parents may suggest new ideas and constructive suggestions about our program via e-mail to [email protected]
Parents will refrain from “coaching” from the sidelines.

I will attend and be on time to practices and games.
I will work hard during practices to improve my skills and to gain a better understanding of the game.
I understand the amount of playing time I receive in games and tournaments will be based on my skills, efforts in practice, and attitude.
I will respect and encourage my teammates in games and in practices.
I will respect my coaches and understand the decisions they make are in the best interest of the team.
I will respect the referees.
I will have a positive attitude.
I will never quit and always work hard.
I will demonstrate sportsmanship at all times.
I will not be boastful when we win and I will gracious when we lose.
I will not use foul or abusive language. I will not be disrespectful or rude to officials, opponents, spectators or teammates.

Please remember that Rheems Athletic Association is a 100% volunteer organization. Please respect the coach’s decisions and understand that the travel program is not an equal playing time program. When talking to the coaches, please do so with respect and in private.
I understand that any violation of the parent/player code of conduct may result in disciplinary action which will be at the discretion of the commissioners.

RAA Player/Guardian Contract & Consent Form

We agree to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by Rheems Athletic Associate (RAA) and to demonstrate proper sportsmanship to opponents, coaches, officials, and fans in accordance with RAAs policies. We understand that failure to comply with RAA rules, regulations and policies can result in the loss of participating and/or attending any RAA sponsored functions as a player and/or spectator.

We attest that the player is of sound physical condition, fully capable of engaging in the requested activity (sport). We agree to notify the appropriate sports commissioner and coach of any known medical conditions and limitations that may require special attention and/or consideration. As the legal parent/guardian I have given my consent and permission for the player to play and travel as required by the activity selected.

We consent to having the player engage in the selected activity with the understanding that it involves contact and the potent for injury. We release the association, league, sponsors, coaches, players, officials, and any individual connected with the activity from any liability for any injury that may occur.

We understand that all equipment and uniforms issued to the player is the property of RAA and shall be returned clean and in good working order at the conclusion of the activity or when requested by the appropriate coach and/or commissioner. Failure to do will result in the parent/guardian being billed for the replacement of cost of the unreturned item(s).

Elizabethtown United Policy on Smoking/Vaping and Alcohol

It is Elizabethtown United policy that smoking/vaping at Elizabethtown United games and practices is Prohibited. Alcoholic beverages are also not allowed at Elizabethtown United games and practices. Any one smoking/vaping and/or having an alcoholic beverage will be asked to leave the field. Anyone in non-compliance may result in participants dismissal from the team (no refunds will be given).


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