Rheems Athletic Association

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    1. Register as a coach.
    2. Uploaded your picture.
    3. You'll need to do the concussion training and upload the certificate.
    4. You'll need to complete the Abuse Prevention training. Click Begin Training takes 1-2 hours. System will automatically mark that you have completed the training.
    5. Under Safety/Additional Certification you'll need to combine into one PDF file your:
      1. PA backgroung check
      2. PA Child Abuse
      3. 10 year affirmation (or FBI fingerprint clearance)

    Here's the link for the 10 year document: https://usys-assets.ae-admin.com/assets/947/15/Child%20safety%20-%20Affidavit%20of%20Compliance.pdf

    Here's what the Coach registration area looks like.

    If you have to log out and come back at a later time. Just click on the Member Login but on the top of the page. Do not reregister as a coach as it creates duplicate registrations in our system.

    Note: Use Google Chrome for best results with the web site.

    If you have any questions concerning your coach registration please contact Kristi Ritter at rheemsaariskmanagement@gmail.com